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Detroit Pistons expecting a big step

Andre Drummond is already very excited regarding what the current season still has to offer given the f act that he would be play with Greg Monroe as well as newly hired Josh Smith. Fix foot eleven Andre told that they all could pretty much do the same thing. Obviously, Josh shoots the 3 but could also bring the ball up to the floor and make for the other players. He added that he could just block shots, grab rebounds and dunk everything he gets his hands on. This is just fun.

If everything goes well, and the online betting suggests it should, then Detroit Pistons just could be the team to watch for in the National Basketball Association this season. And that would really be good compared to last few dismal years. However, there is a whole lot of pressure too on this team as well. After 4 back to back season without any playoff place, this team requires some boost from some faces.

Smith has signed with Detroit Pistons as a free agent, and Detroit also returned well known guard Chauncey Billups after he spent the past 5 years playing for other teams. Pistons also traded for a new point guard, hiring Brandon Jennings from Milwaukee.

Now, one has to see how all these players would go together on the same court. Andre was very good as a new player previous season. He told that they are all figuring it out and everything is getting to come together.

The NBA Playoffs consist of four rounds consisting of sixteen teams in the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference of the NBA. This was called divisions before the 1970s. The winners of the of the conference quarterfinals or, as we all know, the First Round. The winners of the First Round go on to the NBA Conference Finals. Eventually, the champions of each conference come face to face in the NBA finals.